Educational Courses

SAPNA Coaching and Mentoring Program

The SAPNA Member Coaching and Mentoring Program is a series of workshops based on SAPNA’s values of Care, Vision and Excellence, which will be held on April 22nd, June 3rd and July 15th, 2023.

The workshops will be held at Burnside War Memorial Hospital, but rural members are encouraged to apply, with the option of attending remotely.

This program has been subsidised by SAPNA, with successful applicants agreeing to a co-payment of $250, which covers all three sessions. Applicants must be available to attend all three sessions.

The program will be provided in a small group environment. Successful applicants will be selected by the SAPNA committee based on merit of application, and diversity of employment (public and private, metropolitan and rural). A minimum of two years membership is required.

Please download the application form and return it to the SAPNA Secretary prior to the closing date on April 6th.